Compost Manufacturing Alliance was proud to be one of a broad list of organizations and individuals supporting AB1276 in California.  AB 1276 requires third-party food delivery platforms to list single-use items and provide them only upon request. Some food facilities already ask customers before handing out utensils, straws, and condiments. However, this law will make that a standard practice.   Recently, Governor Newsom signed AB1276 […]

Susan Thoman Writes for Store Brands Viewpoint Blog

A recent Store Brands viewpoint blog features CMA’s Managing Director, Susan Thoman. Read more to gain a better understanding of compostables, certification importance, and steps for retails to have success in acquiring compostable lines.

SPC Guide

Compostable packaging facilitates the diversion of food scraps from landfills. In current times, the use of take-out food has significantly increased demand for single-use products. Food scraps from leftovers are ideal feedstocks for making good compost. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) has released a guide, Understanding the Role of Compostable Packaging in North America. This […]