PFAS: The Importance of Testing Methods

Kelvin Okamoto, Ph.D. Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is a broad class of chemicals of which many have been found to have adverse human health effects and/or to be environmentally persistent. Common materials such as Teflon™ polymers and coatings, Gore-Tex fabric and Scotchgard stain resistant chemicals are PFAS. In packaging, PFAS have many uses including in pulp […]

The Upstream Challenge to Make Compostables Work at Public Events

By Susan Thoman Certified compostable product options can significantly drive increases in food waste diversion within large venues and events when employed properly and within a well- developed system of procurement, education, and collection. However, more compost manufacturers are refusing loads from venues due to the overall contamination of non-compostable look-alikes, a lack of scrutiny […]

Sustainable Holidays

Holiday season is upon us in all its wonder, family tidings, and larger-than-normal consumption habits. It has been estimated that household waste increases over 25% during the holidays. Looking to maximize the joy and minimize your impact? Here are some tips to try out to have a more sustainable and eco-friendlier holiday season.   Get full use out of your foods. Use leftovers for new and creative dishes. Share extras […]

The Evolution of Compost Manufacturing and Compostables

I grew up in a large family, and for us, composting in our backyard was part of daily life.  My mother was raised on seven acres, and the family lived off the land, grew their own food, and composted all the valuable twigs, leaves, food scraps and eggshells they accumulated. The compost went to mulch the garden, feed […]

CMA Completes Cedar Grove’s 100th Field Test!

In August 2021, CMA concluded an historic 100th field test at Cedar Grove Composting’s Seattle area facility. Cedar Grove initiated field testing in 2007 when food scrap collection programs launched residentially and commercially throughout western Washington. After approving certified compostable food service items into their program, Cedar Grove found that a significant volume (meeting ASTM […]

CMA Team Member wins ASTM Scholarship

Alex Thomas, field and special projects lead for the Compost Manufacturing Alliance, and Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, was just awarded the American Standards and Testing Methods (ASTM) International Graduate Scholarship award. In his work at Stevens Point and CMA, Alex has been actively involved in ASTM, and he chairs […]