Look for the New CMA Logo on More Products

As more of our customers seek to use the CMA certification mark on their products, CMA has updated its logo in response to customer feedback.  The official launch of our new logos is just the beginning of more exciting changes coming in 2023. The new logos are intended to be easier to print and more […]

Prerequisites for CMA Certification

By Kari Rolnick CMA strives to be the highest standard in compostable product testing in North America.  When a product attains CMA certification, it has been evaluated from multiple perspectives: 1) Is it a product that is related to food or yard waste? 2) Is there a means of collecting the product for proper disposal? […]


On March 25, 2022, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law HB 17991, a comprehensive organics management bill to reduce methane emissions by supporting programs to divert organic materials from landfills. The bill provides support for edible food capture, access to organics recycling, markets for compost and product labelling to reduce contamination of organics streams. […]

A Compost Manufacturer’s Compostable Products Wish List

By Susan Thoman CMA has been working with supply chain leaders and North America’s top compost manufacturers to engage in a collaborative and streamlined system of continuous systems improvement in the compostables space. One area of concern for compost manufacturing and hauling industry experts are the product categories that compost manufacturers currently don’t want to […]

Expanding Compostables in 2022

By Susan Thoman With plastics reduction and proposed EPR legislation burgeoning across the globe, compostables may provide a viable option to brands and manufacturers working to limit their impact on the environment. That naturally leads to considering compostability as an addition to a product line’s attribute portfolio. The sustainability model for taking single-use packaging with […]

Sustainable Holidays

Holiday season is upon us in all its wonder, family tidings, and larger-than-normal consumption habits. It has been estimated that household waste increases over 25% during the holidays. Looking to maximize the joy and minimize your impact? Here are some tips to try out to have a more sustainable and eco-friendlier holiday season.   Get full use out of your foods. Use leftovers for new and creative dishes. Share extras […]


Compost Manufacturing Alliance was proud to be one of a broad list of organizations and individuals supporting AB1276 in California.  AB 1276 requires third-party food delivery platforms to list single-use items and provide them only upon request. Some food facilities already ask customers before handing out utensils, straws, and condiments. However, this law will make that a standard practice.   Recently, Governor Newsom signed AB1276 […]

CA to WA: A CMA Member’s Experience

I am a new member of  the CMA team, born and raised in a small town in California. Growing up there, I watched different methods for recycling and curbside pick-up come and go. I experienced separating recyclables; paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum (and even crushing cans to turn in for cash), with another bin for trash. […]