Is Contamination Solvable? : Sources of Contamination in Compost Feedstocks. (Part 2)

If you missed it, check out part one of this post here. While a primary source for contamination starts with “ride-a-longs” (plastic bags, plastic water bottles, non-compostable food service ware and packaging, etc.) that are included along with compostable products, compostable products that do not actually disintegrate in the composting process  are placing a significant cost burden […]

Compost Contamination-Solvable or Not?

One of CMA’s core values is to be a responsible educator in bringing the reality of composting operations to all stakeholders striving for zero waste, mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration, and replenishing our soils and the environment with compost. In this blog series, we have invited Clinton Sander with A1 Organics to share his […]