Updated: March 18, 2022

Total fluorine (F) analysis is required for approval by Compost Manufacturing Alliance and to determine if foodservice packaging meets any local requirements for F content.

Samples for Testing
Each sample should be a complete foodservice package preparedfor testing as noted below. For testing, the packaging must be ground to less than 20 mesh size to homogenize the sample; grinding may be performed by a lab provided below if necessary. However, additional samples may be neededas outlined below.

Sample Grinding and Ash Testing
If needed, the following two labs will grind samples, coordinate the total F testing at an approved lab and provide a testing summary report. If minerals are reported to be present, these labs will also perform ash testing to confirm mineral content.

Approved Testing Labs
To ensure proper testing for total F content, the testing must be performed at one of the three labs listed below; please note any special testing requirements listed for a lab. These labs will also grind samples for an additional cost.

It is critical that these labs use a large enough sample size (1g or greater) for digestion to obtain a reproducible result. Digestion/combustion must also be performed in a closed vessel such as a Paar bomb or oxygen bomb. Additional labs may be approved in the future if a round robin with an existing approved lab is performed and the proper digestion method and sample size are used.