Last Updated: October 25, 2022


Total fluorine (F) analysis is required for approval by Compost Manufacturing Alliance and to
determine if foodservice packaging meets any local requirements for F content.

Samples for Testing
Each sample should be a complete foodservice package prepared for testing as noted below. For
testing, the packaging must be ground to less than 20 mesh size to homogenize the sample;
grinding may be performed by a lab provided below if necessary. However, additional samples
may be needed as outlined below.

Sample Grinding and Ash Testing

If needed, the following two labs will grind samples, coordinate the total F testing at an approved
lab and provide a testing summary report. If minerals are reported to be present, these labs will
also perform ash testing to confirm mineral content.

Advanced Materials Center
125 Swanson St
Ottawa, IL 61350
Ron Walling- President

Soil Control Lab
42 Hangar Way
Watsonville, CA 95076
Mike Galloway- President

Approved Testing Labs

To ensure proper testing for total F content, the testing must be performed at one of the two
labs listed below; please note any special testing requirements listed for a lab. These labs prefer
not to grind samples or minerals.

It is critical that these labs use a large enough sample size (1 g or greater) for digestion to obtain
a reproducible result. Digestion/combustion must also be performed in a closed vessel such as a
Paar bomb or oxygen bomb. Additional labs may be approved in the future if a round robin with
an existing approved lab is performed and the proper digestion method and sample size are used.

QC Metallurgical
17048 215th St
Davenport, IA 52906
Todd Bloodworth- Director
Note: Must request digestion by Paar bomb

Chem-Bac Laboratories
PO Box 19198
Charlotte, NC 28219
James T. Ward- Supervising Chemist