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CMA’s new and improved compostability profile will help you easily gather all necessary information to make a sample submission for field testing. You’ll be able to save your progress and return to the form at any time if necessary.

If you have any questions during the process, we’re available to contact using this form, at CustomerService@ComposterApproved.com, or by phone at 206-771-3853.

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Upcoming Tests
Facility/LocationLocationTest No.TypeProcess DaysSamples DuePlacementResults
WeCareStaten Island, NYWCSI07Windrow9010/01/202010/23/202002/27/2021
Cedar GroveEverett, WACG93Covered In-vessel49-6010/01/202010/21/202002/05/2021
Cedar GroveEverett, WACG94Covered In-vessel49-6011/05/202011/18/202002/13/2021
St. Louis CompostingBelleville, ILSLC11Windrow9010/30/202011/19/202003/20/2021
Cedar GroveEverett, WACG95Covered In-vessel49-6001/01/202101/13/202104/15/2021
St. Louis CompostingBelleville, ILSLC12Windrow9002/01/202102/22/202106/30/2021
Tests Currently In Process
Facility/LocationLocationTest No.TypeProcess DaysSamples DuePlacementResults
New EarthSan Antonio, TXNEW06Aerated Static Pile - Turned9005/22/202006/04/202010/25/2020
WeCareStaten Island, NYWCIS06Windrow9006/01/202007/15/202011/23/2020
Cedar GroveEverett, WA CG90Covered In-vessl49-6007/05/202008/05/202010/24/2020
St. Louis CompostingBelleville, ILSLC10Windrow9007/15/202008/18/202012/19/2020
Cedar GroveEverett, WACG91Covered In-vessel49-6008/07/202008/26/202011/21/2020
New EarthSan Antonio, TXNEW07Aerated static pile - turned9009/01/202009/23/202001/28/2021
Cedar GroveEverett, WACG92Covered In-vessel 49-6009/03/202009/24/202012/10/2020
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