Pactiv Straws – Wrapped and Unwrapped

YSTS525EC  Natural Bulk Straw – 5.25” Sip/Stirrer 
YSTK77EC  Natural Bulk Straw – 7.75” Cocktail 
YSTG77EC  Natural Bulk Straw – 7.75” Giant 
YSTWF77EC  Natural Wrapped Straw – 7.75” Flex 
YSTJ77EC  Natural Bulk Straw – 7.75” Jumbo 
YSTWG77EC  Natural Wrapped Straw – 7.75” Giant 
YSTWJ77EC  Natural Wrapped Straw – 7.75” Jumbo 
YSTG102EC  Natural Bulk Straw – 10.25” Giant 
YSTWG102EC  Natural Wrapped Straw 10.25” Giant 


Pactiv Evergreen

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