Lollicup USA, Inc. Portion Cups and Lids

Lollicup USA, Inc.

Portion Cups and Lids

Item #s: KE-P200-PLA, KE-P400-PLA, LID: KE-PL200-PLA, KE-PL400-PLA

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Lollicup USA, Inc. Karatearth

Karat Earth® is a plant-based line of compostable products. Karat Earth offers cups, food containers, utensils, and more, all of which are made from renewable resources. These products are sturdy, reliable and will demonstrate your commitment to helping the environment. Select Karat Earth products are BPI-certified compostable in industrial facilities. Customers who seek products that make an eco-friendly statement are sure to find what they need with Karat Earth.