EcoKloud CPLA Corn Based Utensils


CPLA Corn based utensils

Sizes: 6.5″

Item #s: EG-FO-PS-65, EG-SP-PS-65, EG-KN-PS-65, EG-RK-PS

Category: CMA-I (Covered In-Vessel) Tags: ,


Eco Kloud

BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS eco Kloud's compostable products provide eco-friendly alternatives to consumers to reduce the impact of our consumption on the environment and help create a better and sustainable world. We need to reduce our carbon foot-prints on the planet by adopting earth-friendly products to heal and sustain our ailing environment. Since these products come from renewable resources and waste products, they save biodiversity and habitats. Our products are made from bagasse (sugarcane), PLA (bio-plastics) and paper with PLA lining.

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