Earth To Go White CPLA Cutlery

White CPLA cutlery

Sizes: Fork, Spoon, Knife

Item #s: ETG-S, ETG-SS, ETG-K, ETG-F

Sizes Fork, Knife, Spoon
Manufacturer Earth To Go
Category: CMA-I (Covered In-Vessel) Tag:


Earth To Go

Here at Earth-To-Go, our goal is to provide an environmentally safe alternative to petroleum based products to our customers who choose to minimize the impact of manufacturing, consumption and disposal of food service products. Our goal is to consider the cradle to grave impact of each and every product we offer, in order to minimize the carbon footprint and to preserve the environment. The challenge of lessoning the impact on our local, national and global surroundings is one we take seriously. Our mission at BDFS is to be responsive to environmental preservation, to offer responsible sustainable products to our customers and to constantly search for new technologies, materials, processes and ingenuity in order to meet the industries ever changing needs.