Compostable straws

Compostable straws

Bioshell tableware pla straws

BioShell Tableware

bioshell tableware compostable PLA straws

PLA straws


Item #s: PLA-STRAW-9W

Cedar Grove Cascadia™

Cedar Grove Cascadia compostable straws


Sizes: Wrapped Straws, Unwrapped Straws

Item #s: 4370250, 4370150

Cellocore corn based straws


Cell-o-core corn based compostable straws

Corn based straws

Sizes: Various

Item #s: Jumbo; Giant

Eco-Products compostable corn straws


eco-products corn based straws compostable

Corn based straws

Sizes: 5.25″ cocktail straw, 7.75″ & 9.5″ clear, 7.75″ green & black, 9.5″ red

Item #s: ST513, ST710, ST712, ST713, ST910, ST924

Precision Products Group

Precision Products Group

Precision products group compostable paper straws unwrapped

Paper straws, unwrapped

Sizes: Jumbo, Giant

Item #s: 61500007, 615000013, 61500011, 61500017, 61510100, 61510513

WNA compostable straws


compostable straws wna corn based compostable

Corn based straws

Sizes: 7.75″ wrapped & unwrapped

Item #s: CGCS775*

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world centric corn based straws

World Centric

World Centric corn based compostable wrapped and unwrapped straws

Corn based straws

Sizes: 7.75″ wrapped, and unwrapped

Item #s: ST-SC-8W, ST-CS-8

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