Meat Trays

Compostable meat trays

Dyne-A-Pak meat trays compostable


Dyne-A-Pak PLA blown tan meat trays

PLA blown, tan meat trays. *not accepted in residential curbside collection

Sizes: Various

Item #s: 2, 4D, 34, 38, 9S, 10S, 17S

Novipax nature tray

Novipax, Nature Tray

Novipax Nature Tray compostable meat tray

Ingeo biopolymer-based trays

Sizes: Various

Item #s: R3, R2S, R8, R4P, R1525S, R9L, R10P, R10S, R17S, R2S, R20S, R8S, R7, R8H, R15P

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