Eco Products Compostable

Wood stir stick compostable eco products


Wood Stir Stick


International Paper PLA lids

International Paper PLA Lids

PLA Lids

Sizes: Various

Item #s: LCRSE-22, LCRSE-32


 Lollicup Usa, Inc. PLA Hot Cup Lids

Lollicup USA, Inc.

PLA Hot Cup Lids

Sizes: Fits 8 oz. cups to 24 oz. cups (varies by item)

Item #s: KE-KDL508 | KE-KDL516 | KE-KDL626 | KE-KC626TS | KE-KDL90 | KE-KDL114 | KE-KC626TS-NH | KE-KDL626-NH |

Paper Pak Industries paper absorbent pads

Paper Pak Industries

Paper Pak Industries paper absorbent pads compostable

Paper absorbent pads

Sizes: Various

Item #s: UZTT-40L-V1, UZTT-40L-V2, UZTT-40L-V3

PrimeLink Solutions cpla lids compostable

PrimeLink Solutions

PrimeLink Solutions CPLA lids compostable

CPLA lids

Sizes: Various

Item #s: CHCL-1020, CFCL-1232

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