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Partners & Management Team

Susan Thoman, Compost Manufacturing Alliance

Susan Thoman

Managing Director

Susan has over thirty years in the environmental and sustainability field, and served for 12 years on the Cedar Grove Composting leadership team in the Seattle area.

She has been instrumental in collaborating with end users, government stakeholders, and the world’s top compostable products manufacturers to develop compostability standards and innovative business models to engage solid waste systems with the packaging supply chain.

Susan’s collaborative and business centered philosophy links compost manufacturers, product development teams, end users and municipalities together in effective engagement models that minimize contamination in feed stocks while expanding the diversion and capacity for viable compost feed stocks eligible for organics recycling.

Jeff West, Operations Director, Olympic Organics, Composter, compost manufacturing alliance

Jeff West

Operations Director

Jeff has worked for over thirty years in the solid waste world and has risen to the highest ranks of operational, finance and business management for some of the largest, publicly traded waste collection companies in the world. In 2007, Jeff branched out on his own and founded New Day Recycling in Kitsap County, Washington.

In 2013, he moved into the compost manufacturing business by buying a failed composting site, investing over $2 million in upgrades and technology, and opened the Olympic Organics facility in Kingston, Washington. Jeff also provides commercial compost collection services to businesses throughout Pierce and Kitsap Counties.