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good natured Products Logogood natured Products Cookie/Cupcake/Muffin/BarCookie, cupcake, muffin & bar packagesSizes: Everything from single serve to 24-countItem: BXX00094, BXX00096, BXX00111, BXX00109, BXX00136, BXX00210,BXX00097, BXX00112, BXX00113, BXX00117, BXX00222, BXX00202, BXX00204, BXX00205, BXX00214, BXX00215, BXX00216, BXX00222,BXX00255, BXX00812, BXX00898, BXX00006 

Product Features

SKUs BXX00006, BXX00094, BXX00096, BXX00097, BXX00109, BXX00111, BXX00112, BXX00113, BXX00117, BXX00136, BXX00202, BXX00204, BXX00205, BXX00210, BXX00214, BXX00215, BXX00216, BXX00255, BXX00812, BXX00898
Manufacturer good natured Products
Composting Technology CMA-I (Covered In-Vessel)
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