Product Description

Cookie, cupcake, muffin & bar packages

Sizes: Everything from single serve to 24-count

Item: BXX00094, BXX00096, BXX00111, BXX00109, BXX00136, BXX00210,
BXX00097, BXX00112, BXX00113, BXX00117, BXX00222

BXX00202, BXX00204, BXX00205, BXX00214, BXX00215, BXX00216, BXX00222,
BXX00255, BXX00812, BXX00898, BXX00006

Product Features

Sizes Everything from single serve to 24-count
SKUs BXX00006, BXX00094, BXX00096, BXX00097, BXX00109, BXX00111, BXX00112, BXX00113, BXX00117, BXX00136, BXX00202, BXX00204, BXX00205, BXX00210, BXX00214, BXX00215, BXX00216, BXX00255, BXX00812, BXX00898
Manufacturer good natured Products
Composting Technology CMA-I (Covered In-Vessel)
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