CMA Change in Required Documentation for Certification

Since its inception in 2017, the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) has required documentation that products submitted for CMA certification meet ASTM laboratory standards for compostability.  We have historically allowed other certifications, such as by BPI, DIN Certco and TÜV Austria, in lieu of complete lab reports.  Over time, some of CMA’s interpretations have diverged from […]

BioCycle Nationwide Survey: Full-Scale Food Waste Composting Infrastructure In The U.S.

Nora Goldstein, Paula Luu and Stephanie Motta In winter 2023, BioCycle launched a survey of full-scale food waste composting facilities in the United States. Like in previous reports, BioCycle defines a full-scale facility as a municipal or commercial facility equipped to receive and process organic waste streams arriving by truckload volumes from generators and haulers on a year-round basis. Typically, these […]

LA County Updates Ordinances to Include CMA

On July 3 rd , 2023, Los Angeles County updated their ordinances on acceptable compostable products, including CMA as a new standard for qualifying products. The ordinances can be accessed here under Chapter 12.86 – REDUCTION OF WASTE FROM SINGLE-USE ARTICLES AND EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE RODUCTS. 12.86.010 – DEFINITIONS This is fantastic progress. Yet, ordinances can […]