Better Earth CPLA Cutlery

Better Earth

Knife, Heavy Duty Black – Bulk CPLA Compostable Cutlery 1000/Case

Item #: BE-KHB

Better Earth Hot & Cold Food Container

Better Earth

12oz Compostable Soup Cup

Item #: BE-SC12PLA

Better Earth Hot Beverage Cup

Better Earth

12oz Single Wall Hot Cup, Compostable

Item #: BE-HC12PLA

Hisun Enterprise Food Trays

Hisun Enterprise

CPLA Food Trays

Item #s: R8HN, R175N, R2N

Alder-Tek Wooden Cutler Set


Wooden Cutlery Set

Item #: AT-BTK13NA

Strawprint Straws


Wheat Drinking Straws (8″ length), Reed Drinking Straws( 8″ length, standard width), Bamboo Drinking Straws (8″ length), Reed Drinking Straws *8″ length, wide width)

Item #s: Wheat_003, Reed_002, Bamboo_001, Reed_004_wide

UrthPact Innovations Straws

UrthPact Innovations

Cocktail Straws, Giant Long Straws

Item #s: S1012, S3003

The Evolution of Compost Manufacturing and Compostables

I grew up in a large family, and for us, composting in our backyard was part of daily life.  My mother was raised on seven acres, and the family lived off the land, grew their own food, and composted all the valuable twigs, leaves, food scraps and eggshells they accumulated. The compost went to mulch the garden, feed […]

Inno-Pak Food Trays


Food Trays – Kraft and Red Plaid

Item #s: 003368551, 004707687, 005152854, 005526912, 005237487, 003119287, 007908706, 008447579, 004516999, 002026944, 007324297, 003849869, 009906551, 003219579, 004482423

World Centric PLA Lid for Trays

World Centric

PLA lid for 3-compartment tray and 2-compartment tray

Item #s: TRL-CS-10T, TRL-CS-8D