As more of our customers seek to use the CMA certification mark on their products, CMA has updated its logo in response to customer feedback.  The official launch of our new logos is just the beginning of more exciting changes coming in 2023.

The new logos are intended to be easier to print and more easily identified.  There are two options for different applications. Our standard mark has been simplified and we have created a second, simpler mark more suitable for printing on small items. 

Over the next several months, we will be sharing insights about what we have learned from hundreds of field tests and specific studies.  We will make clear our position on specific ASTM standards and the rationale for our interpretations.  Based on years of data, we will also announce changes in our documentation requirements, requirements for certain substrates and changes in our Plastic Elimination Strategy categories. 

These changes are part of a strategic plan to minimize contaminants in compost feedstocks, promote the CMA mark at commercial and retail, and maintain the highest standards for product acceptance to protect our composters, consumers, and the environment.  Thank you for joining us in that effort. 

For additional information or questions, please contact Janet Thoman at