Compost Manufacturing Alliance was proud to be one of a broad list of organizations and individuals supporting AB1276 in California. 

AB 1276 requires third-party food delivery platforms to list single-use items and provide them only upon request. Some food facilities already ask customers before handing out utensils, straws, and condiments. However, this law will make that a standard practice.  

Recently, Governor Newsom signed AB1276 into law. The bill, written by Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, D-Los Angeles, expands on the existing requirement to provide straws only upon request to include single-use plastic utensils and condiment packets.  

Correctional institutions, health care, and residential care facilities and school cafeterias are exempt from this law.  

 This new practice will reduce waste and help keep single-use plastics out of the landfill, waterways, recycle-ing streams, and compost facilities.  

CMA joined dozens of organizations and individuals to endorse this bill and support its passage.  This is a meaningful steps towards sustainable living. Hopefully other states will follow, putting into place laws that will help reduce waste and bring encourage consumers to only take and use what they need. 

See the official law, votes, and more here Bill Text – AB-1276 Single-use foodware accessories and standard condiments. (