In August 2021, CMA concluded an historic 100th field test at Cedar Grove Composting’s Seattle area facility. Cedar Grove initiated field testing in 2007 when food scrap collection programs launched residentially and commercially throughout western Washington. After approving certified compostable food service items into their program, Cedar Grove found that a significant volume (meeting ASTM standards) did not disintegrate adequately in their system. This cost both the compost facility and the product buyer, as materials that did not break down adequately had to be shipped to the landfill. This led to the publication of the famous “Cedar Grove List” (now the CMA list) used by approximately 300 cities, composters, and large venues throughout the U.S.  In 2016, Cedar Grove divested itself of field testing, and  CMA was formed as a partnership of top composters in the U.S established to carry on the development of standards for composters and product designers working  “manufacturer to manufacturer” to create a common space and system for respectful engagement. Today,  CMA is the only facility based compostable products certifier, and the largest North American network of composters accepting compostables. For more information on the genesis of CMA, field study opportunities, and the history of leadership of Cedar Grove Composting’s leadership and transition to CMA, visit our ABOUT page.