compostable plates

AJM Packaging Corporation

AJM Packaging Corporation

AJM Packaging Corporation Green label paper plates compostable

Green Label paper plates

Sizes: 9″ to 10 1/4″

Item #s: 691020

AJM Packaging paper plates compostable

AJM Packaging Corporation

AJM Packaging gold label clay coated paper plates

Gold Label clay coated paper plates

Sizes: 9″ to 10 1/4″

Item #s: 691082

Bambu bamboo plates


Bambu bamboo compostable plates

Bamboo plates

Sizes: Various

Item #s: 060 (100, 200, 400, 700, 800, 900), 061900, 062 (000,200, 800, 900), 063 (100, 200)

biosphere industries compostable food service bakeware

Biosphere Industries

biosphere compostable tapioca plates bakeware food service

Tapioca based food service and bakeware. Oven and microwave safe

Sizes: 10″ and 7″

Item #s: 6P002, 6P003

chinet huhtamaki paper plates compostable

Chinet (Huhtamaki)

chinet huhtamaki paper plates compostable

Paper plates

Sizes: 6″ to Platter, 3-compartment also

Item #s: 212**, 257**, 220**, 10116, 10117

earthware usa compostable tray bowl plate


earthwareusa tray bowl compostable plates

Sizes: 9″, 6″ 10″, tray, Bowl

Item #s: EWC-9P, EWC-6P, EWC-10 1/4 3C, EWC-16S Tray, EWC-2S Tray, EWC-12B

eco products hot cold plates biopulp


eco products natural molded biopulp hot cold plates

Natural molded biopulp hot/cold plates

Sizes: Various

Item #s: EP-PW6, EP-PW9, EP-PW10, EP-PW103

georgia pacific compostable plates

Georgia Pacific

georgia pacific compostable paper plates

Paper plates

Sizes: 6in and 9in

Item #s: 702622WNP6, 709902WNP9

international paper plates compostable

International Paper Plates

international paper plates kraft paperboard

Made with 100% SBS bleached Kraft paperboard

Sizes: 6″, 7″, 9″, and 10 1/4″

Item #s: PHL-6, PHL-7, PHL-9, PHL-10

pactiv paper plates


pactiv paper plates compostable

Paper plates

Sizes: Various

Item #s: MF-00100000, 500440000, YMF500090000

wna bio plastic plates


wna bio plastic plates

Bio plastic plates

Sizes: Various

Item #s: CSCW10144BK, CSCW76180BK, CSCW75180BK, CSCW9180BK

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world centric compostable plates wheat straw fiber

World Centric

paper plates world centric wheat straw fiber compostable

Wheat Straw Fiber


Item #s: PL-SC-U10, PL-SC-U6

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