Bakery Boxes

compostable bakery boxes

good natured Products  

Cookie, cupcake, muffin & bar packages

Sizes: Everything from single serve to 24-count

Item: BXX00094, BXX00096, BXX00111, BXX00109, BXX00136, BXX00210,
BXX00097, BXX00112, BXX00113, BXX00117, BXX00222

 BXX00202, BXX00204, BXX00205, BXX00214, BXX00215, BXX00216, BXX00222,
BXX00255, BXX00812, BXX00898, BXX00006

Vegware Compostable Products

Sandwich Platter

Vegware Sandwich Platter

Compostable kraft board sandwich platter supplied flat – easy to assemble. Clear window made from plant-based PLA. Internal dividers also available – perfect for catering.

Boxit Corporation Compostable Paper Bakery Boxes

Boxit Corporation

Boxit corporation compostable bakery boxes

Paper Bakery Boxes

Sizes: 9 1/2 X 6 3/4 X 2 3/4, 12 X 12 X 5

Item #s: 962C-501, 12125B-261, 12125B-194, 12125B-195, 12125B-513

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Southern Champion Tray Compostable paper coated bakery boxes

Southern Champion Tray

southern champion tray paper compostable bakery boxes

Paper and clay coated paper bakery boxes

Sizes: Various

Item #s: 09**, 12**, 08**

southern champion tray compostabe bakery inserts

Southern Champion Tray

southern champion tray compostable bakery box inserts

Paper and clay coated paper, bakery inserts

Sizes: Various

Item #s: 119**, 11**, 08**, 10**, 20**

Specialty Quality Packaging compostable fast top and barn boxes

Specialty Quality Packaging

Specialty Quality Packaging compostable fast top and barn boxes

Fast Top & Barn Boxes

Sizes: Various

Item #s: 1181, 1182, 1183, 3503, 3505, 3512, 3515, 3517, 3522, 3525, 3527

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