Incorporating Compostable Products Into Solid Waste Systems

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Incorporating Compostable Products Into Solid Waste Systems

Incorporating Compostable Products Into Solid Waste Systems By Michele Riggs The opportunity to compost regionally provides one of the most compelling sustainability models within any solid waste system, and the use of compostable food service products in regional organics recycling programs can enhance or impede the progress of these programs. Compostable food service packaging helps […]

Contaminant of the Month: Don’t Be a Dip With Your Sauce Containers

By Jenn McNaught Jenn McNaught is the founder of Solid Waste Strategies, a West Coast municipal media and educational firm working in support of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance to minimize contaminants in all recycling streams.   I am always taken aback by how many plastic portion cups and non-compostable condiment packets are used throughout stadiums […]

Contaminant of the Month: Keeping Your Mitts Out of the Compost (Please)!

  February 1, 2018 Susan Thoman Years before my illustrious composting career evolved, I worked as a restaurant prep cook. During high school and college, I diced and peeled carrots, scrunched freezing cold potato cubes together into thick, creamy egg dressing for potato salad, and spent every Saturday morning peeling 50-pound bags of onions (which […]

Co-Creating Compostables and Compost

Compost feedstocks
December 22, 2017 Susan Thoman The Compost Manufacturing Alliance was formed to address emerging food service ware feedstocks that more cities are asking their compost facilities to incorporate into organics collection programs. Why? A recent article from GreenBlue addresses the increase in food scrap diversion when employing compostables in public venues.  These public venues provide […]

Contaminant of the Month: Non-Compostable Green Bags

Contaminant of the Month Green bags
December 20, 2017 Susan Thoman Film plastic is, undeniably, one of the most prevalent contaminants migrating its way into industrial compost facilities.  When analyzing the source of non-compostable films, one simply needs to follow the food scraps to see how established systems of sourcing and sorting has been hindered by the onslaught of non-compostable green […]

Strawless in Seattle

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